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  • The 7th Symposium ATP1A3 in disease  will take place at the  Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois USA  on October 13th and 14th (Saturday to Sunday) 2018
Organising Committee: Allison Brashear, MD (Wake Forest Medical Center), Al George, MD (Northwestern University Medical Center), Kevin Ess, MD, PhD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), and the AHC Foundation.
See  the previous  ATP1A3 in disease Symposia 2012-2017 in our Global News Archives
  • Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease  will take place within the  61st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Molecular Bioscience on April 11-15 2018 at the Banff Centre, AB Canada
Plenary Speakers: Sriram Subramaniam (John Rubinstein Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto), Leonid Sazanov (Institute of Science and Technology, Austria), Rajini Rao (John Hopkins Medical School), David Stokes (New York University), Gaia Novarino (Institute of Science and Technology, Austria), 
Poul Nissen (Aarhus University).
The meeting preceeds the 16th International Conference on "Na,K-ATPase and Related Transport ATPases which will take place in 2020 in Banff, Canada.
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